Július Koller

Július Koller : «Space is the place»

In this video inter­view con­ducted for his solo show Space is the Place at gb agency, Paris, in June 2007, the Slovakian artist Július Koller intro­duces his work in the exhi­bi­tion venue. He talks in par­tic­ular about the U.F.O. Ganek Gallery, a fic­ti­tious gallery located halfway between the Earth and the Cosmos, which he set up in 1971 on a summit in the High Tatras moun­tains in Slovakia, as a “symbol of a har­mo­nious cohab­i­ta­tion between ter­res­trial and extra-ter­res­trial life”. Between here and else­where, a por­trait of the artist as a “U.F.O.-naut”.